for a Free and Democratic IRAN

IFI Board of Advisors 

Richard Perle

Chairman of the Defense Policy Board, and assistant secretary of defense for international security policy. 

Dr. Juliana Pilon

President of the National Security Enterprise in Washington DC. 

Mohammad Shams

He was a member of executive Committee for IDTC, and Member of High Council of NIC.

Manda Shahbazi

She is an entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her father, served as Iran's Deputy Prime Minister for eight years during Shah's time.

Dr. Roger Pilon

Roger Pilon is Vice President for Legal Affairs for the Cato Institute.

IFI Board of Directors 

Dr. Michael Waller

Executive Director

Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Founder and President 

George William Heiser

Managing Director

Arzhang Davoodi

Honorary Chairman

John Maguire

Managing Director

Craig Snider


Dr. Nina Cunningham

President/CEO of Quidlibet Research, Inc. She served as a management analyst with the federal courts

Walid Phares

Senior Advisor to Anti-Terrorism Caucus of the United States House of Representatives.