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John Maguire is a retired Senior Service officer from the CIA, with wide ranging experience and success in Iraq, the Middle East and Persian Gulf, Africa, with global Special Operations, security issues related to business development and emerging market challenges, international banking and risk management and mitigation. 

He has over 30 years of intelligence, special operations, counter terrorism, and business planning and development in challenging, emerging markets. Successful business activities have been established in Iraq, East Africa, and the Persian Gulf region.

Managing Director
The Xenophon GroupOctober 2005 – Present (9 years) Virginia
The Xenophon Group, staffed by a small number of uniquely qualified individuals, provide advice, business development assistance, foreign government relations and problem solving, security consulting, international banking assistance and project guidance for oil and gas development projects in the middle east and Africa. The Xenophon group specializes in emerging markets, and complex operating environments.

John Maguire

Managing Director

John Maguire served as a Senior Service officer at the CIA, and police officer and SWAT team leader in the Baltimore Police Department.